Looking for a natural hair style that lets everyone in your vicinity know just how fly and chic you are? Look no further! Smooth ‘N Shine has a new line of curl enhancing products that will have you looking as stylish as ever for your date night!

Making a great first impression always counts, and what better way to make the statement “I have it all together” than showing it through your hair? Below is a simple routine that will have your curls polished, sleek, and ready for your date.

How To…

It’s imperative to start off with clean hair and Smooth ‘N Shine offers the product for just that. The Quenching Co-Wash is a nice substitute for your weekly shampoo and conditioner, as it gently cleanses your curls and rids the strands of any product build-up. It also helps repair dry and damaged hair by providing moisture and hydration, thanks to fine botanical oils like Camellia Oil and Shea Butter! (Be sure to use this product frequently to improve the overall health of your hair.)

Once you’ve rinsed out the co-wash, evenly apply Smooth ‘N Shine’s Deep Recovery Treatment throughout sections of your hair. This product acts as a leave-in and adds an extra level of moisture to the outer layer of your hair strands (which helps prevent frizz), while also strengthening weakened tresses.

Next, section your hair and apply the Curl Defining Cream from root to ends. This cream helps enhance your natural curl definition and also fights against flyaway strands and frizz. It essentially acts as a sealant and preps your hair for diffusing. Depending on your hair length, you will need to diffuse your hair on a low heat setting (if your hair is on the shorter side, simply use a hood attachment for your curls). This helps lock and seal in your curl definition for the rest of the day!

Be sure to fluff out your hair for extra body and volume! You can finish off the look by applying a bit of the Edge Smoothing Pomade to keep your hair perfectly in place. This product is formulated with Black Seed and Coconut Oil and will add shine, softness and hydration to all types of hair.

If you’re feeling a little adventurous, feel free to accessorize or design your hair in different styles! For instance, use bobby pins to pull a section of your hair to the side and really show off your sleek edges and baby hairs! If you’re looking for more of a bold style, braid back the front or side sections of your hair and use braid clasps to make a real statement! More of a simple chick? No problem! Style your defined curls in a half up, half down hairdo – this ensures your curl definition is still intact, but it’ll stay out of your way if you need it to.

You’re all finished! Show off your natural and bouncy curls and Love it Every Day, Every Way™!