Are you feigning to style your natural curls in a different way? Want more vivid curl definition or length? A blow out and flexi rod set style is a great option! This look is perfect for any daytime or nighttime function and can work on practically any hair type. Additionally, the style can last up to a week depending on care, and it’s also a way to guarantee your hair stays moisturized and tangle free. This is a way to promote hair health and length retention, which is always a plus.

Check out our step-by-step guide on how you can rock this blow out – perfect for any season and occasion!

How To…

Start off with freshly washed, damp hair and lather in Smooth ‘N Shine’s Deep Recovery Treatment. This product behaves as a leave-in conditioner and includes natural ingredients like Camellia Oil, which penetrates your hair strands to effectively hydrate your curls, and Shea Butter which relieves and soothes dry hair. This blend helps to repair and strengthen frizzy hair, leaving your locks sleek and soft.

Although this product can behave as a protectant, if you’re worried about heat damage, try the Straightening Polisher for additional safety and be sure to use the lowest heat setting possible while blow drying your tresses. Remember to thoroughly coat your strands with product prior to using heat and section your hair for maximum stretch.

Before you begin adding in your flexi rods, use the Bodifying Mousse to help seal and smooth in moisture (thanks to the Black Seed and Coconut Oil presence), and provide extra volume.

From there, set your flexi rod style under a dryer hood on low heat (if you don’t have access to a dryer hood, simply sleeping with your flexi rods overnight or leaving the style in for a few hours can do the trick just as well). Although low heat may mean it’ll take a while for your hair to fully dry, this is better than potential heat damage – so don’t be tempted to crank up the temperature!

Once you’re all done, carefully take out your flexi rods and pull and pick apart the strands for maximum volume! Be careful not to frizz up your new style – spray some Conditioning Polisher over your hair to reduce static and add a finishing shine. This product prevents flyaway strands and frizz while softening hair and delivering more body – which is ideal for the perfect blow out flexi rod set! Think “big hair, don’t care!”

Be sure to wrap your hair at the end of the night so your curls stay on point the next day. If your hair seems a little flatter, don’t be scared to use a comb or your fingers and slightly tease your hair for more body (and spritzing some more Conditioning Polisher on your tresses may help as well)!

Smooth ‘N Shine’s new line of trusted products are formulated with ingredients that allow you the option to temporarily and, most importantly, safely switch up the texture of your natural curls whenever you want – allowing you to Love it Every Day, Every Way™!

blow out hair style tutorialblow out hair style tutorial