Every once in awhile, you just need a change! It could be something small, like a new manicure, switching up your wardrobe, or a new hairstyle to freshen up your look and your attitude!
That invigorating feeling of flexing your new you is the goal, and we’ve made it easier than ever to make that happen with our new line of Smooth ‘N Shine products! The new line has everything you need to achieve curly or straight hairstyles without damaging your hair or losing your healthy, hydrated shine! With NEW Smooth ‘N Shine, you have the power to Love It Every Day, Every Way™.


Embrace the Beauty of Your Natural Hair With Our Curl Line

Rocking your natural hair is a bold, beautiful way to show off your confidence and truly light up a room! Whether you have tight coils or full, bouncy curls, you know better than anyone else that keeping your natural hair healthy and hydrated takes some work. Our new Curl Line is formulated with Camellia Oil and Shea Butter to penetrate and strengthen your natural black hair, reaching areas of the scalp and hair root that usually don’t get enough moisture.

Our Curl Line helps eliminates frizz, even during those dreaded humid days, by locking in moisture and strengthening hair from root to tip. Our formulas include natural ingredients and essential oils safe for all kinds of hair, including chemically relaxed or natural hair.


Go Sleek and Soft With Our Straight Line

It’s no secret that straightening your hair with heat or chemicals can be extremely harmful and damaging. These treatments can leave you with broken and weak hair, scalp burns, frizzy burnt ends, or singed baby hairs. The last thing you want to do when trying a new product is risk damaging your hair even more!

Our new Straight Line helps protect your hair from damage caused by relaxing, flat-ironing, blowouts, ionization, and more. Our Straight Line products are formulated with Black Seed Oil and Coconut Oil are gentle enough for adults and children, offering smooth, manageable hair with minimal fuss.


Products Formulated with Natural Ingredients for Optimal Hair Health

You’ve seen the damage artificial products can do to your hair. Thinning edges and brittle hair isn’t a good look on anyone! That’s why we’ve infused the new sulfate-free Smooth ‘N Shine Curl and Straight lines with natural botanical oils and ingredients that help you get the styles you want without unnecessary damage. Our Curl Line uses Camellia Oil and Shea Butter for deep-absorbing moisture that locks in your curls’ strength and shine. The Straight Line is formulated with Black Seed Oil and Coconut Oil for smooth and sleek styles!


Versatile and Easy

Your hairstyles should be as flexible and vibrant as you! The new Curly and Straight Lines include a wide variety of black hair care products so you can mix and match your products to for your regimen and particular styling needs. Whether you’re going curly to straight, straight to curly, or simply maintaining your go-to texture, make Smooth ‘N Shine work for you! The versatility and flexibility of the new product lines gives you the power to maintain your hair texture exactly the way you want it.


We’ve Got a New Look, Too

When you’re ready to hit the store, just remember the products look a little different now! The Curl Line products feature rich earthy copper-tones, while the Straight Line products are pretty in pink with a pearlescent rose sheen.

Ultimately, our goal is to help you look your best with hair care products that enhance your hair texture and your lifestyle. Smooth ‘N Shine gives you everything you need to Love It Every Day, Every Way™!