“The bigger the hair, the fiercer I feel!”


Official Smooth ‘N Shine® spokesperson Nikia Phoenix isn’t afraid to stand out or make a statement. In fact, the multi-talented model thrives on having all eyes on her and her gorgeous curls.

”A big afro with a little bit of curl. That’s when I feel fierce, when I feel free,” Phoenix explained in a recent interview with the brand team, “It doesn’t matter if I have a curl sticking out here or there. It doesn’t matter! When I catch a glimpse of myself with my fro, I’m like ‘Oh, I got this!’ The confidence is there!”



That confidence is contagious. A scroll through Nikia’s Instagram reveals a beautifully curated gallery of artistic portraits, daily self-love affirmations and messages of gratitude. Although she makes her positive mentality look easy, she says loving herself is a choice she consciously makes every day.

“I say those affirmations every morning for myself. It started as a daily journal to remind myself what I love about myself,” says Phoenix, explaining that those daily reminders are a piece of her holistic self care practice which includes appreciating her body, mind and hair. “Even the days my hair is not trying to cooperate, I look at the bright side: that I have any hair at all! I have hair I can play with and mold and have fun with! If you can’t have fun with it and look at your reflection and love your reflection, you gotta start over. Dig a little deeper and get to the root of the problem,” Phoenix explains. That message is part of her personal goal as Smooth ‘N Shine’s brand spokesperson: to encourage women to truly embrace their hair and the versatility at their fingertips.

Although Smooth ‘N Shine products have been part of Phoenix’s hair routine for decades, she says the brand relaunch in early 2018 made the partnership a natural fit for her. “I appreciate the fact the products are divided into straight and curly. Even as a curly girl, I use products from both lines. I swear by the Hydrating Setting Mousse! That’s what I use each and every night to twist my hair. In the morning, I use the Curl Defining Cream and if I want a little extra definition, (I use) the Curl Defining Mousse.”



Another thing Phoenix loves about Smooth ‘N Shine: the paraben and sulfate-free formulas infused with natural ingredients like Camellia Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Black Seed Oil. Shea Butter (a featured ingredient in the Curl Line) has been part of Phoenix’s hair and skin routine for years because it locks in the moisture her hair craves. “When I’m styling in the morning, when I take down my twists, I use the Coil Hydrating Butter and the Curl Defining Cream,” she says, noting that the Camellia Oil gives her hair extra shine perfect for photoshoots. “The Hydrating Setting Mousse is one of my all time faves because it has Black Seed Oil and Coconut Oil. Both help with anti-frizz and keep my hair conditioned,” she adds.

Above all, Phoenix wants to remind readers that accepting and appreciating their hair is a journey. She says some days are easier than others, but it’s worth it in the long run. “My hair is an extension of me,” she explains, “I love it as much as possible because it is me.” She hopes to encourage women everywhere to love their hair every day, every way.™


Check out Smooth ‘N Shine’s YouTube for visuals on how to use all of our products!