These days, you can usually find Larry Sims walking red carpets, appearing on tv shows and traveling the world working his hair styling magic on one of his many celebrity clients. He has established himself as an industry expert and the go-to stylist for icons like Tracee Ellis Ross, Zendaya, Missy Elliott and many, many more. Years of hard work and dedication to his craft have certainly paid off, but the longtime Smooth ‘N Shine® Brand Ambassador hasn’t forgotten his roots.

Sims says representing the brand for 11 years and counting is a true honor because he has believed in the products for as long as he can remember. “My mother and other family members used the hair polisher… It was a staple of my childhood, so now to be a voice for the brand is so special,” he explained, “I actually use the products… For me, it’s the crème de la crème of drugstore brands.”



Unsurprisingly, styling natural hair is something that inspired Sims from an early age. He broke into the industry at age 16, dancing on stage at concerts alongside various pop singers. Watching, and eventually assisting, hair stylists backstage gave him a new creative outlet in the entertainment world. Soon, he says he was styling hair full-time and making the connections that would propel him to his current status.

Over the years, Sims has seen countless style trends come and go. His favorite trend so far is the current rise of the natural hair movement. “When I first started (in the business), people were still getting relaxers. Now people understand and realize their hair’s integrity is best at its natural state,” he says, pointing out the increase he’s seen in protective styles like braids and twist outs.

Still, Sims says it’s very possible to go from a curly style to a straight one without breaking your hair as long as you have the right products. He says the addition of more natural ingredients to Smooth Shine’s products is a huge enhancement and update for the brand. “If you’re using the Straightening Polisher, the coconut oil acts as a heat protectant and the black seed oil gives the cuticle a nice finish… the heat isn’t penetrating the cuticles as much. It also rebuilds the hair from the inside out” Sims explained.

For ladies embracing their natural curls, Sims says combining the Curl Defining Mousse with the Curl Defining Gel will deliver the perfect look thanks to ultra-moisturizing Shea Butter and curl-defining camellia oil in the new formulas. He says, “The gel is going to define and give (your hair) shape and the mousse is going to lock in the shape whether you’re doing a double strand twist out, locs, or a similar style… Allow your hair to air dry and you’re good for days without having to touch your hair.




No matter what, Sims hopes women everywhere find the confidence to love their hair every day, every way.™ “You have to feel confident on the inside, and confident enough to know that your natural hair is beautiful,” said Sims, “(With) the courage to know that your natural hair is just as beautiful as everything else, you’ve won the battle.”