The weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer, which means festival season is right around the corner. We love festival season for many reasons, including the good music, good food, and good vibes. Our favorite part of festival season, however, is the fun styles and hairdos to match.

This festival season, don’t try to tame your curls. Instead, let them be as wild and free as your soul! Take pride in your ringlets and coils and play them up with all the right accessories and products. Here are five festival hairstyles for curly hair to get you started.

Tie Back With a Headscarf

Whether you have light  or dark hair, a colorful headscarf is a great way to add contrast and draw attention to your locks. The first step is giving your hair some definition with the Curl Defining Gel. The Shea Butter and Camellia Oil penetrate deep into damp strands to leave curls lighter, shinier, and all around healthier. It also provides all-day hold, perfect for long summer nights swaying to the beat of the music.

The great thing about the headscarf look is that it’s versatile. Leave your hair down for more of a free-feeling vibe, braid it off to the side, or throw it up into a topknot to keep it out of your eyes and off your neck.

Decorate With Flowers

Today’s festivals are all about going back to a simpler time of love and nature. Embrace the vibes with a ‘60s-inspired ‘do of flowers in the hair. Make sure your curls are nice and defined by applying Curl Defining Cream and Curl Defining Mousse. Make sure your locks are extra hydrated with Coil Hydrating Butter, as the UV rays can cause heat damage when you’re out in the sun for long stretches of time. Once your hair is ready, tuck your favorite flora into the crown and look like a goddess.

If flowers aren’t your thing but you still want to feel like the queen you are, wear a beaded chain as a headdress. This bohemian exotic style will make you look as powerful as you feel.

Get Fierce With a Faux Hawk

Festival days are all about stepping outside of your comfort zone and daring to be different. Channel your inner warrior with a curly faux hawk. Sleek your curls up to the center of your head with the help of Edge Smoothing Pomade and Styling Custard. Depending on how thick your hair is, you may need a little or a lot. Once the sides are smoothed, let your curls go free at the center. Apply some Curl Defining Gel to really show off your ringlets, and spray with Hydrating Setting Mousse for all-day hold.

Goddess Braids

Braids aren’t exactly groundbreaking when it comes to festival hair styles, but when done right, they look sleek and stay in place! To accomplish this look, first hydrate your strands with the Quenching Co-Wash, and then apply the Deep Recovery Treatment from roots to tip. This will create a smooth, shiny base to work with.

Next, comb Detangling Foam through your hair, as trying to braid knotted hair is like trying to bring back the perm – possible, but with a lot of painful resistance. Set fly aways with Hydrating Setting Mousse. Once your hair is set, get to work on your braids for a festival-ready ‘do that will last for up to six weeks. Bring some Edge Smoothing Pomade along to keep your braids looking fresh no matter how hard you rock out.

Love It Every Day, Every Way™ is our motto, and with our new line of products, you can do that with ease. Get festival ready – try our products today.