For all-day control of your curls, Smooth ‘N Shine Styling Custard locks in hydration for an effortless ‘do without flyaway frizz. There’s no limit to your style potential, all you need is a little creativity! You will Love It Every Day, Every Way™ with these style ideas for naturally curly hair.

  1. Tight Medium Curls

For a classic, elegant look, tight medium curls are a face-framing show-stopper. Perfect for Type 3 curls, this classic style works best on medium curls with tight coils and enough length for shaping around your face. A middle part and careful teasing can give you both volume and shine.

  1. Close Curled Crop

For short, curly hair, try a quick and manageable close curled crop! Use the Styling Custard to help take your longer, more unruly curls and tease them into short coils. This look still gives you plenty of body to play with, but compresses your curls down into playful, glossy spirals.

  1. Loose Waves

If you want to stretch your hair out instead of scrunching it up, brush your curls out into loose waves and then seal them with Smooth ‘N Shine Styling Custard. You can get a flyaway look or go for something more smooth and polished. Then, use the product to lock your style in with perfect hydrating hold.

  1. High Twist

Want a curly hairstyle that can take your from the office to the club? Try a high twist. Bind your curls up high and tight into a band, slicking your hair close to your skull. Make sure the band is tight for a smooth, polished look that explodes into a playful burst of curls. Use the Styling Custard to arrange the curls however you want, whether you’d like them trailing or fountaining upward.

  1. Loose Spirals

For an in-between style that makes for a softer evening look, you can’t go wrong with loose spirals. Spirals are great for longer hair with looser curls, and with the right styling products like the Styling Custard you can maintain soft, touchable curls that flow with your movements without losing control of your style.

  1. Tight to the Skull

Even those with longer curls can manage a tight, close, skull-hugging crop with smaller curls. Use the Styling Custard to scrunch and tighten your curls, or pair it with a round brush to curl your hair into tight, close spirals against your scalp. This neat, close look makes a striking profile, especially with tapered brows and the right plumping lipstick.

  1. Undercut

For the ultimate in punk-rock look, shear your curls short around the sides and back in an undercut. Whether you keep the top long or short, you’ll need Styling Custard to properly manage the new growth as the undercut grows in. Settle the short curls of the shaved section with a few smoothing strokes of custard, then pick out your style with the top portion by styling it into some totally wild spirals.