Why did Smooth ‘N Shine get a new look?

Your identity, confidence and style are 100% you, which is why Smooth ‘N Shine developed two new lines that will help you love your hair every day, every way. Whether you’re feelin’ your curls or want to rock a straight style, our new Curl and Curl Line Straight lines will help you get the look.

I use to use X product, now what should I use?

I used to use...
  • Intense Moisture Coil Hydrating Butter
  • Intense Moisture Curl Defining Cream
  • Intense Moisture Deep Recovery Treatment
  • Intense Moisture Quenching Co-Wash
  • RevivOil Conditioning Gel
  • RevivOil Wrap & Set Mousse
  • RevivOil Edge Smoothing Pomade
  • Curl Activator Gel
  • Silk ‘n Sleek Polisher
  • Instant Repair Hair Polisher
  • Instant Repair Spray-On Polisher
  • Curl Activating Mousse
  • Bodifying Mousse
what I should use now...
  • New Curl Line Coil Hydrating Butter
  • New Curl Line Curl Defining Cream
  • New Curl Line Deep Recovery Treatment
  • New Curl Line Quenching Co-Wash
  • New Straight Line Conditioning Gel
  • New Straight Line Hydrating Setting Mousse
  • New Straight Line Edge Smoothing Pomade
  • New Curl Line Curl Defining Gel
  • New Straight Line Straightening Polisher
  • New Straight Line Straightening Polisher
  • New Straight Line Conditioning Spray-on Polisher
  • New Curl Line Curl Defining Mousse
  • New Straight Line Bodifying Mousse

How can I keep up with the latest and greatest of the Smooth ‘N Shine brand?

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook. You can also sign up to receive our newsletters!

Are all the old Smooth ‘N Shine products discontinued?

Yes, our old products are discontinued.

Are the ingredients the same on the new products?

While our new products will deliver the same results you love, they now have ingredients like Camellia Oil, Shea Butter, Black Seed Oil, and Coconut Oil.

Who owns Smooth ‘N Shine? What is the history of the brand?

Smooth ‘N Shine is owned by parent brand, The Dial Corporation, A Henkel Company. For over 20 years, Smooth ‘N Shine products have been trusted by millions of consumers to deliver moisture & shine to all hair types – straight, wavy, curly, coily, and everything in-between.

Products and Ingredients

Are Smooth ‘N Shine products sulfate-free*?

Yes! All products are sulfate-free. *No sulfate surfactants intentionally added.

Are Smooth ‘N Shine products safe for color treated hair?

Yes, all products are safe for color treated hair.

Is it safe to use Smooth ‘N Shine on my kids’ hair?

Yes, the Smooth ‘N Shine products can be used to achieve the hairstyles your kids love.

Hair Type

What products should I use on my relaxed/straight hair?

We’ve developed a line specifically for relaxed/straight hair. Learn more about it here.

What products should I use on my coily hair?

We’ve developed a line specifically for coily hair. Learn more about it here.

What products should I use on my kinky hair?

We’ve developed a line specifically for kinky hair. Learn more about it here.

What does type 1, 2, 3, 4 mean on your products?

The number refers the shape of your curl. 1 = straight hair, 2 = wavy hair, 3 = curly hair, 4 = kinky/coily hair

What does type A, B, C, D mean?

The letters refer to the tightness of your curl based on your shape.

Are Smooth ‘N Shine products good for both relaxed and natural hair?

Yes! We’ve developed both a curly line and a straight line to appeal to those rockin’ their natural hair and the relaxed look!

Where to Buy

What retailers can I purchase Smooth ‘N Shine from?

Smooth ‘N Shine can be found at most major retailers. Please check our ‘where to buy’ section to find a list of retailers.

How much do Smooth ‘N Shine products cost?

Pricing of products will vary by retailer.

Brand Collaboration

I’m interested in being a brand ambassador for Smooth ‘N Shine - how do I get involved?

Visit our website and enter your email in the “Become a part of the Smooth ‘N Shine family!” field OR send us a private message on our Facebook or Instagram channels.

Other Questions

What should I do if I’m having a negative/allergic reaction to the product?

Feel free to reach out to our customer service rep directly to voice your complaint and concern at (800) 424-5458. If the problem becomes severe, please contact your physician.

Are Smooth ‘N Shine products cruelty-free?

Henkel does not conduct animal testing unless it is required by a specific US Law. Henkel continues to intensively work on the development of alternative methods which could be accepted in lieu of animal testing in the near future.

There was a defect with my product, who should I contact?

Please contact a customer service rep directly at (800) 424-5458.

Do you have any coupons? Can I try a product for free? Do you offer samples?

Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay in the know about giveaways, coupons and promotions.

How do I check if a product has a specific ingredient?

Check the bottles of product to confirm.

I want to provide feedback, who do I contact?

We appreciate any feedback you may have for us. Please don’t hesitate to contact a customer service rep directly at (800) 424 5458 if you have any further issues.